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It looks to be a highly energetic week, with two major Mars aspects dominating the astrological outlook. First, on Monday, Mars sextile Pluto is exact. This can make for powerful and easy-to-use energy without the risk of being frantic or overly destructive. If there’s a project you wanted to start (or complete), whether that means at work or with a real or potential sex partner, this aspect will help you get the job done. And hey, if you like frantic or overly destructive, there’s another aspect later in the week that’s got you covered, too!

Whatever you get up this week, try to avoid any situations where you’ve going to have to talk yourself out of trouble. Mercury square Neptune is exact on Tuesday — that aspect can make clear thinking and understandable communication more of a challenge than usual.

And speaking of things that you might have to talk your way out of, on Wednesday Mars square Jupiter is exact. This is going to make for big moves, big arousal, and possibly big temper tantrums. Try to think things through carefully instead of lashing out. Oh, wait a minute, Mercury is still square Neptune. Maybe “thinking carefully” isn’t going to be your strong suit this week. Or, come to think of it, anyone else’s. Beware poking the wrong bull.

If nothing else, the weekend will give us some opportunity to patch things up that we (or someone else) have made a mess of. On Saturday, Venus conjunct Pluto is exact. This can make for some powerful urges to make or find love, make or find money, or possibly make or find donuts. In any case, this aspect will likely be more good news than bad. Pay particular attention to what happens with your love life, your budget, and/or your diet around this time. Thanks to the upcoming Venus retrograde, this aspect will be in effect for an unusually long time, given that normally Venus is a pretty fast planet. In fact, this aspect will be in range until about New Year’s Day. Then after the retrograde ends, this aspect will be back for one more visit in March. So like I said, pay attention. Take notes, even.

Finally, if this week and this weekend just didn’t work out for you at all, Sun square Neptune is exact on Sunday. This will give you an excellent opportunity to loaf on the couch, get absolutely nothing done, and think about things.