dawnDecember is here, the holidays are in full swing, and the cosmic stage is set for a refreshing new beginning. This month we have so many changes on deck, all here to propel us forward.

First, Neptune goes direct on the 1st, giving a boost to the collective imagination. And just a few days later, we have a solar eclipse in Sagittarius, helping us clean the slate and envision a brand-new future.

This is great practice for the end of the month, when the real show begins. Saturn squares Uranus exactly, which will lead to many of us snapping under the pressure. But in this case, the way we snap is likely to set us free, making room for something so much better.

And better it will be. On the 28th, Jupiter enters Pisces for real, finally able to make the sky rain with blessings, after two years of being constrained in Saturn-ruled signs. And finally, we have Venus retrograde in Capricorn, which will help ground us. Venus will remind us to make sure that we truly know what we want and what is possible before jumping headlong into Neptune and Jupiter’s Piscean ocean.

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What do you expect this holiday season? How are you feeling?