Your Horoscope on 19th November

A Full Moon Eclipse will take place on Friday, November 19th, 2021. In astrology, this means a nearly total eclipse – and a nearly total picture of missing information. Your horoscope will be affected by the usual missing information or partial view that happens on an eclipse, so be aware that Friday is like driving with only one headlight, or watching life with one side of a pair of glasses missing.

Cover-Ups and The Queen – and Prince Charles

This is about a cover-up involving Her Majesty the Queen (Taurus) and Charles, the Prince of Wales (Scorpio). Eclipses are traditionally portents for the Royal Family and in fact, Charles married Diana near two eclipses.

There are two more stories about Scorpio/Taurus matters (sex, death and money) in the news now – which will see a cover-up. The first one is Ghislaine Maxwell and the second one is Barclays Bank and Jeffrey Epstein. Watch for what you’re not shown on 19th November. It takes years for the public to find out the truth when an eclipse takes place.

An eclipse is a strange thing. Normally a Full Moon (below) is like a spotlight on a mirror. It reveals and reflects, very clearly, what is there. On an eclipse though, everything is in shadow. As you might expect, very little is clear at all and history tells us deliberate cover-ups take place then. We are usually distracted by what is obvious and never see what is tucked away…

Unsplash Full Moon - November 19th Eclipse Astrology

Your Sun Sign

I’ll look at your Sun Sign in a moment to show you the issues. There are two. One picked up by the Full Moon and the other by the Sun. Skip that day for big choices that would put you on the wrong path. A Full Moon looks like a big, white full stop. And it is a full stop. You should pause. I will also look at your natal chart to see if it’s triggered.

Opposing Factors

Opposition, opposite opinions, opposing factors – these are all to be expected when the Moon is opposite the Sun. So, within yourself (perhaps) and certainly with those around you, there will be mixed feelings and contradictions. Complex situations and perhaps, conflicts. November 19th is a good time to take it easy. To give yourself and others a lot of space. It doesn’t really matter if you are asleep in bed when it happens, or wide awake. We live in a 24-hour world, so everyone is affected, across Friday 19th and perhaps just before and after – the 18th and 20th. Give Taurus and Scorpio people more space (and find it for yourself if you are Taurus or Scorpio) as the eclipse pulls on those two signs.

Eclipse Visibility Unsplash - November 19th Eclipse Astrology

Long-Lasting Impact

This will be the longest partial lunar eclipse since 1440, and the longest until 2669. NASA are expecting it to last 3 hours, 28 minutes and 23 seconds. This lunar eclipse will have a long-lasting impact on you. If you take a particular path while it occurs, you may be travelling with low visibility. Only a small sliver of that Taurus moon will be visible. Think of this as a sign that only a very tiny part of any new path will be visible. Wait before you say yes, no or maybe.

All images: Unsplash; Main image; Bryan Goff, Unsplash