Fixed Signs in Changing Times

Fixed Signs in Changing Times (held in partnership with The Astrology Foundation, New Zealand) was held as a Zoom event on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th 2021.

In this feature I will look at some of the key points of our rare, historic Fixed Sign weather until 2026. The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. As we approach unusual fixed-sign weather from 2022, it’s time to meet change – with change. That can be hard if you have fixed sign patterns in your chart, but there are answers.

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The Taurus Weather of January 2022

Taurus rules the Second House of your natal chart and thus your income, bank account, house or apartment, charity, business interests, valuables and your values. Taurus is a fixed sign. If you have anything in Taurus, this is a statement about your values. Your life budget. What you will (or will not) sell your soul for. Who (or what) you consider to be priceless.

This new Taurus weather in 2022 begins with a bang. Ceres (the forced compromise) turns direct in Taurus at 27 degrees of the sign on January 14th. So, although your life budget has already been changing since 2018, when this cycle began, around January 14th 2022 you’ll be asked to move position again. This is even more important if you have anything at 27 Taurus.

The Money Revolution

Uranus (the revolution) turns direct in Taurus at 10 degrees of the sign on January 18th. The North Node (karma) enters Taurus for the first time in about 19 years, also on January 19th. Again, if you have anything at Taurus 10 or Taurus 29, you’ll feel it most. Look at the headlines on January 18th, 19th to see the shift in the world economy.

The South Node enters Scorpio, again – for the first time in about 19 years – on January 19th.  It goes to Scorpio 29, so if you have anything at Scorpio 29, you’ll feel it more – yet financially, everyone with Scorpio factors is affected.

Scorpio rules joint finances; classically marriage and mortgage, but also anyone who names you in a legacy or will. These two nodes enter Taurus and Scorpio at 29 degrees of both signs. The transit of Saturn and then Pluto in Aquarius (below) the sign of the water-bearer is immediately up against these two signs. They are square each other (at odds with each other) in your horoscope, so there is tension. Aquarius rules groups and friends. So there is an obstacle there, if you have Aquarius factors.

Aquarius istock 300x252 - Fixed Signs in Changing Times
Jameson Stellar Atlas , 1822 (iStock)

The World Economy – January 14th to 19th 2022

What does all this feel like with the world economy, your country’s economy and your own money? Picture a space where you store all your tax returns, your share certificates, your weekly budget sums and the rest. We might call this the Taurus and Scorpio space in your chart. The Second House and Eighth House.

Now, imagine four people in and around those spaces. One seems to invite upheaval wherever he goes (like the invention of Bitcoin, or Blockchain, or new laws on money laundering). It’s very new. It changes all the time. It’s unstable.

Another stirs up the most intense feelings and emotions, and is all about making deals – forced bargains. Two more players are intent on bringing back the past, so that old karma can be settled. They are concerned with life as it was around 19 years before. So, April 14th 2003 until December 26th 2004. This is an important point. In 2022 and 2023, the whole world will be returned to the business and economic karma of 2003-2004. Trade. Loans. Deals. This will affect you directly, or at a distance, if you have fixed signs in your chart. If you have Leo factors, for example, what goes on financially in 2022 and 2023 will affect the world of sexual relationships; babies; infants; schoolchildren;teenagers;Millennials.

Do You Have Factors in Taurus or Scorpio at 10, 27, 29?

You will be among the first people who have to ‘unfix the fixed’ as you will experience Uranus, Ceres and/or the North Node and South Node triggering the financial aspects of your life. Some old, entrenched views and attitudes will have to go. Some of these might include beliefs about money: perhaps you think the European Union will always be there. As we’ll see later in this feature, it may not be. At least not in the form you saw it, about 19 years ago.

The Fixed Signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo

The fixed signs, which are always challenging and changing each other – are Taurus the Bull, Scorpio the Scorpion, Leo the Lion and Aquarius the Water-Bearer. Taurus and Scorpio the rule money in your life as you’ve seen. A reminder that Leo rules sexual relationships, but also babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and Millennials in your world. Aquarius rules your friendships and groups – another reminder of the very different priorities the fixed signs have.

Fixed means just what it looks like; unyielding, hard to budge, resistant to change, settled to the point of being stuck. So, whatever you have in Taurus, Scorpio,  Aquarius and/or Leo will show that. If you have factors in two, three or all four of these signs, they can show up as inner conflicts in your life.

So, for example, Aquarius and Leo placements can show a conflict between becoming a parent and having an active social or group life. Perhaps there isn’t enough time. Scorpio and Taurus (and either Aquarius or Leo) suggest mixed feelings about the money and the group (this may be a charity and fundraising) or perhaps the financial cost of having children. You’ll have your own story, if you have more than one of the fixed signs showing up in your chart.

The Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio to July 2023

If you have anything at all placed in those signs, the transit of the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio between January 19th 2022 and July 17th 2023 will trigger your chart, asking you to remember what you owe, or what you are owed (money, property, charity, business, valuables) between April 14th 2003 and December 26th 2004. Perhaps that was when you took out a mortgage. Inherited money. Separated from a partner (and split the possessions).

April 11th 2022 – Saturn and the Nodes

Saturn at 22 Aquarius is square the North Node at 22 Taurus and square the South Node at 22 Scorpio, on April 11th 2022.

This T-Square between Saturn and the nodes will play out in your chart if you have anything at 22 Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio and/or Leo. Even if you don’t, locally and nationally – globally – we will see a big gridlock in the economy on April 11th 2022.

It’s time to ‘unfix the fixed’ then. Any T-Square can feel tight and tense, and it will require action. It’s like three cars wedged against each other at a roundabout. Something or someone must give way. Giving way is fixing the unfixed.

People make astrology happen. There are now many millions more Aquarian types on the planet than we’ve seen before. These Millennials were born with Uranus or Neptune in Aquarius.

These young adults may be any zodiac sign at all, but they all share an Aquarius DNA signature in their horoscope. They are here to unite, across all genders, sexual preferences and skin colours – to pursue people power for a common cause.  To pool resources. To supply the community.

There are other generations, born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Scorpio who will clash with them, as we go through this Fixed Sign weather. They may have to change their values. So close to April 11th 2022 we may see Millennials going their own way, as a large group, financially.

Children and Teenagers Charts iStock 300x200 - Fixed Signs in Changing Times
Generation Aquarius (iStock)

Eclipses and Blind Spots – Taurus, Scorpio

An eclipse conceals, it never reveals. You can be blind to whomever/whatever is in plain sight, on an eclipse. So can other people. This is why astrologers like the late Debbi Kempton-Smith used to advise steering clear of them. (Allow a day before and the day after to allow for the world to catch up with itself). We do have eclipses triggering the fixed signs at this time.

We have a New Moon Eclipse in Taurus on April 30th 2022 at 10 degrees of the sign. If you have anything at 10 degrees Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and/or Leo avoid the 29th, 30th and 1st of May 2022. Even if you don’t, you can expect a cover-up involving money, currency and business on April 30th 2022. It may be months or even years before we look back and realise something was going on. Big.

The May 16th Scorpio-Taurus Total Eclipse

We have another cover-up and blind spot on May 16th 2022. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse finds the Sun at 25 Taurus and Moon at 25 Scorpio. Again, this period is best avoided, as it may be months or years before you realise what was being concealed. Globally, this will likely be about cryptocurrency; perhaps the sharemarkets; taxation in particular.

If you have anything in Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and/or Aquarius at 25 degrees, steer clear of the 15th, 16th, 17th for assuming or judging about your money, property, charity, valuables or business. You will not see and cannot know. An eclipse is like driving along a highway with broken headlights and no street lamps.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus in 2022

Mercury Retrograde is a time of ‘re’ events. You can expect retracted statements, rescheduling, product recall, and reversed decisions. Mercury Retrograde in Taurus will concern the banks; the sharemarkets; cryptocurrency; property; the world economy. We are going to see delays and changes – a state of flux – then. If you have fixed sign patterns, especially at 26-29 degrees in your chart, you may want to choose another time to pursue those matters.

Leo Getty Images 300x300 - Fixed Signs in Changing Times
Leo (Getty Images)

Taurus 26, 27, 28, 29 Degrees

Mercury moves across Taurus at 26, 27, 28, 29 degrees, forwards and backwards from 24th May 2022 until 13th June. If you have anything at 26-29 of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and/or Leo then this roughly three-week period will coincide with internet issues; extreme weather; computer concerns; transportation, information and communication delays and reversals – concerning specific Taurus matters – so, currency exchange, for example, or cryptocurrency. This will indirectly or directly affect the matters ruled by those signs.

Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius 26 Degrees

Don’t get caught. You’ll often see websites, apps and so on declaring that Mercury is ‘out of retrograde’ on June 3rd, 2022, but in fact he is just going back over his own path and is about to stand still. This is Mercury Retrograde Shadow.

It is common to see suspended situations at such times. If you have anything at 26 Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and/or Aquarius you will notice the backwards traction, particularly near June 3rd.

The constellation of Leo (above) shows the rather fixed nature of the sign, even in a sketch in the sky. The lion is hard to move. You can see it in this illustration. Leo is solid, planted firmly, like a stone lion outside the New York Public Library!

Yet, the time has come to shift, if you have Leo factors. Staying where one was, in terms of a younger generation (which Leo rules) is not an option until 2026. You may want to move on things, though, after Mercury Retrograde has passed.

Fixing the Unfixed – What Does It Mean?

To fix what has always been so fixed about yourself can be tough. Bending and flexing; being more adaptable and open. This will take a great deal of effort, as it is not in your nature to be so changeable if you are heavily Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and/or Taurus. Yoga can help because it makes you flexible. So can swimming, for the same reason. Pilates. Any stretch or flex, from surfing to ballroom dancing, can allow your body to lead your mind.

If you think about the impact that Uranus (the revolution, the shock) has already had moving from 0-14 degrees of Taurus, since the year 2018, you’ll see why you’ve been forced to shift. Whatever you have in your chart at 0-14 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and/or Aquarius has been shaken to its foundations. So – finances. Perhaps your house or apartment. Your salary. Your children. Your friendships.

Are You Heavily Fixed?

In modern astrology, using the asteroids, the chart has 34 factors. Of those, on average, one-third (around 11-12 factors) will be fixed. If you have many more than 11 factors in the fixed signs – Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius – then you are heavily ‘fixed’ as a person and can be hard to shift. Yet, in 2022, you are going to have to do that. And beyond. Uranus in Taurus, for example, will be with you until 2026. So, when they zig – you zag.

We are now in the ‘squeeze’ zone for years, with the slow-moving outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and eventually Pluto (as well as the North Node and South Node) crossing the fixed signs. So if you don’t want to feel pressured, you need to change.

July 31st 2022 – Uranus and the Nodes

The revolution is well and truly with you on July 31st 2022 when Uranus at 18 Taurus is in a conjunction with the North Node at 18 Taurus and in opposition to the South Node at 18 Scorpio. Mars is closely by at 18 Taurus on August 1st, 2nd 2022. Venus is at 18 Cancer, the sign that rules the property market and real estate.

What do we mean by Uranus and revolution? Cryptocurrency. Blockchain. (Uranus rules new inventions and the latest technology; in Taurus it has always been about these two in particular). There may be more innovations and inventions by July 2022 as Uranus moves rapidly and instantly.

Uranus turns the world upside-down. In October 2021 as I write this, we live in a world of high-street banks. Big, mainstream banks which are virtually identical. There are fixed tax structures to allow the super-rich to get away without paying their fair share. What comes at the end of July and start of August 2022 will flip some, or all – of that. And there will be other shocks we have not even thought of. Uranus can be like that!

The European Union and the Euro in July, August 2022

The nodes, as we’ve seen, are about karma. The past coming back to be settled. Old debts and credits, sometimes quite literally, certainly spiritually, need to be paid or accepted. This seems very likely to be about the Euro and European Union, which affects all world trade. Certainly, about Brexit and its aftershocks.

The past comes back to you in late July and early August 2022 (and in fact to the world) so the unresolved financial, business, charity or property matters of April 14th 2003 until December 26th 2004 return. This is when the European Union was largely set up. Watch supply shortages then and also the value of the Euro. Do not underestimate COVID-19’s rolling impact.

The Scorpio Factors in Your Chart

The Scorpion (below) which is the ancient symbol for the zodiac sign Scorpio, has always been linked to sex, death and money. One of the reasons for that is that the scorpion can sting its partner to death during mating, or eat it. The old astrologers had a sense of humour. Where is the financial connection? Marriage or partnership, centuries ago, was always a matter of money, valuables or property. And of course, ‘Until death do us part.’

So, even though these big-picture matters like the E.U. seem quite remote, particularly if you live in America or Australia, they are not really so remote. The domino effect of karma for the European Union coming around in July, August 2022 will have a ricochet impact on your own life. Perhaps your husband’s job. And he pays half the mortgage. Maybe, the progress of a divorce settlement – and your wife now lives in Europe. The end of July 2022 is a volatile time. Plan accordingly. You may prefer to wait until the dust has settled in the world economy before you make big judgement calls about property or shares.

Scorpio Getty Images 300x300 - Fixed Signs in Changing Times
Scorpio (Getty Images).

Backtracking to April 2003-December 2004

August 24th 2022 – Uranus Retrograde – is another signal for change. Another backwards turn from Uranus (the revolution goes into reverse) takes place on August 24th 2022 so unfinished business is with you or others then, financially. This takes place at 18 Taurus, so if you have factors at 18 Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and/or Aquarius this is a major challenge to change; to unfix the fixed. If you did not do it before, you will have to do it then.

The Impact of Taurus/Scorpio Weather on You

Beyond the world economy and its twists and turns in 2022, if you have Leo factors, you will find that your children (for example) or the teenagers who are tied up with your career (another example) are indirectly affected by bigger financial waves. To bring this down to earth, you may decide to rewrite your will, involving a young niece, or exchange your job as a teacher for less income. You may find a godson needs money for college/university.

If you have Aquarius factors (friends and groups) it may be that the economic climate of 2022 is going to result in funding questions for your football team, or important business questions for your band. Perhaps a friend needs to borrow money or you do. It’s from these big-picture changes, listed above, that you see the smaller trickle-down effects. The bottom line? You may want to avoid these ‘change’ dates for signing or accepting signatures, because those documents will be ‘born’ with quite unstable timing around them. If you can sell your home at any time, and you have fixed signs, you may want to pick dates.

October 23rd 2022 – Saturn Direct 18 Aquarius

Saturn changes direction at 18 Aquarius on 23rd October 2022 just before the Sun and Venus enter Scorpio, another fixed sign. This suggests quite an intense time for the world economy and you as well, no matter what degree your fixed signs patterns are. In fact, we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 2 Scorpio on October 25th,  opposite the Sun at 2 Taurus, just before Mercury also goes into Scorpio on October 30th. So, this lead-up to Halloween is complicated. This may be another period to avoid, unless you know what you are doing with your chart.

Astrology is really about conscious avoidance as well as deliberate choices. Eclipses are best skipped. You have 365 days a year to select options, so why choose the day of an eclipse? (Or the day before, or after).

Eclipses Near Halloween 2022

The financial time-frame which sees a first eclipse on October 25th is pretty tight, we find the Full Moon lunar eclipse (a total eclipse) on November 8th, with the Moon at 16 Taurus and Sun at 16 Scorpio. Remember these two eclipses and the golden rule that when you cannot see – and do not know – it’s easier to act or judge another time. Particularly with your money, or property. History and astrology tell us that eclipses often chime with important world events when the whole planet is hoodwinked.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and the Nodes in Fixed Signs

Just to give you an idea of how unusual this period in your life is, the slow-moving outer planets and nodes are in a procession through the fixed signs – Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus – until 2026. They overtake each other at various times, but throughout 2022-2026, all of them will trigger your ‘fixed’ side. So you will be asked to change your ways, repeatedly.

Your Second House (Taurus), Eleventh House (Aquarius), Eighth House (Scorpio) and/or Fifth House (ruled by Leo) are the spaces where various challenges to change, will be played out. It may mean breaking the habits of a lifetime. Giving yourself permission to unbend, unwind and relax with the idea of a new approach is helpful. Hypnosis can help (Dr. Paul McKenna has generously offered his audiobooks free on YouTube, which may interest you).

The new (radically new) economic climate will come from the world economy and your own country’s economy, partly because of the most recent node cycle in Taurus/Scorpio which was April 14th 2003 until December 26th 2004. There is another crucial cycle, too, which concerned the last war. To finish I will look at the backdrop of these two cycles and what we can expect in 2022-2026. It is these big shifts around the planet which result in immediate impact on your money or property (Taurus and Scorpio) your friends and groups (Aquarius) and the world of sexual relationships, children or young people (Leo).

Jupiter in Taurus
May 17th 2023 until May 25th 2024
Saturn in Aquarius
December 18th 2020 until March 7th 2023
Uranus in Taurus
May 16th 2018 until April 26th 2026
North Node in Taurus
January 19th 2022 until July 17th 2023
South Node in Scorpio
January 19th 2022 and July 17th 2023

Natal Chart iStock 300x199 - Fixed Signs in Changing Times
Your natal chart, or birth chart is vital (iStock)

Economic Karma and Your Natal Chart
On 3rd September 1939 (when war was declared) Saturn was at 0 Taurus, the Moon was at 0 Taurus and the South Node was at 0 Taurus. That’s rare. It was time to ‘unfix the fixed’ in the world economy. Rations. Supply Shortages. Male breadwinners off to war. The beginning of war debt, as countries borrowed and lent. Thanks to the South Node, karma then comes back 2022-2023.

Your own personal birth chart, or natal chart, will also tell a karmic story if you have the fixed signs in important horoscope patterns. Perhaps there is even a family history which pulls in 1939 and there are some very old questions, dating from that year, about economic sacrifices, or profits, losses and so on. Maybe your grandfather gave up a secure job to volunteer for the army. Perhaps your great-grandmother lost her home.

July 11th 2023, finds the Moon at 0 Taurus and the North Node at 0 Taurus – and the South Node at 0 Scorpio. That is a mirror image of the state of the world economy when the Second World War broke out, on 3rd September 1939. These node cycles are respected and known in India (in Vedic astrology) but also turn up at Stonehenge. The Aubrey Holes are a node calculator!

Who Owes What to Whom, From 1939?

On the day, when war broke out, on 3rd September 1939 – we saw that historic line-up of Saturn, the Moon and the North Node and South Node at 0 Taurus and 0 Scorpio,  on the very day that the United Kingdom declared war on Germany, two days after Germany had invaded Poland. France also declared war on Germany. The active allies near that date, including Australia and New Zealand, were also drawn into the karma. 

What comes to pass in this new Taurus-Scorpio node cycle starting in 2022, will involve the European Union. The astrology says – it’s time to settle some old karmic scores. This is very specifically about Poland and the E.U. And here’s the reason why – for that, we have to move forward in time to another Taurus-Scorpio node cycle, which appeared in 2003-2004.

Karma Calling From April  2003 to December 2004

The nodes were last in Taurus and Scorpio (the economy signs) in 2003 and 2004. This is quite a recent wave of economic debt and credit, on a spiritual level, but also a literal one. Deals were done. Some world economies were invited. Some were not. Some countries switched to the Euro. Some, like the United Kingdom, retained the pound.

Germany (Europe’s largest economy) entered recession in 2003. Year one of the last Taurus/Scorpio node cycle. The E.U. economy became official on May 1st 2004, the second year of that cycle, with 10 new member states, including Poland. This wheel is set to turn again – it turned first when war was declared, and then when many of the nations drawn into that war, struck a deal with each other, decades later.

We will see tension between Aquarius (the group) and Taurus (currency) and Scorpio (economy) in 2022 and 2023, and there will be a serious challenge to the solidarity of the E.U. with other nations determined to follow the U.K. and Brexit.

Fixing the Unfixed In Your Life

You can make the astrology work for you, knowing in advance what is ahead. The transits to come are hard work at times, and potentially quite lucrative and beneficial at others. The trick is riding the waves. Rather than sticking in a fixed position to your board and being dumped, you need to know when to shift position.

During the event in October 2021, I will go into more detail about this, using your comments here, as well as a live Q&A session on the day. Over the long-term, there will be more to say about patterns like Pluto in Aquarius (from 2023) and I’ll keep you updated with information in your Premium Member package.

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