Uranus in Gemini – What to Expect From 2025

Uranus is associated with revolution, freedom, independence and radical change. I am writing this in 2021 so looking four years into the future, but what you need to know about this planet, is that he moves into Gemini, the sign ruling local travel and tourism, from the year 2025.

New COVID-19 Borders From 2025

This is the clearest sign yet that COVID-19 does not disappear over the next four years. We have already seen some countries bring down border control in 2020 and 2021 in an effort to stop this rapidly mutating virus. Whenever we get transits in Gemini we see a carve-up of regional tourism and business travel. And of course, it is tourism and travel which is responsible for the dreadful spread of a problem which began in Wuhan, China.

In 2020 and 2021 the North Node was in Gemini. It takes about 19 years for that to happen and we saw the new rules about flights in particular, emerge in these years.

card uranus 213x300 - Uranus in Gemini 2025-2033

Uranus in Gemini in the 1940’s

Uranus (the revolution) in Gemini (short journeys) dominated the world between 1941 and 1949. The cycle is always about seven years long. This was the post-war period when the globe was carved up into new regions and territories. Nobody could even think about tourism and business travel, seriously, although a few tried. This is similar to COVID-19 in 2021. Millions are dead and the virus thrives in airports and on aeroplanes, but there are always some who will feel that Pfizer, AstraZeneca, testing and quarantine is enough.

Unfortunately, it only takes one person to slip through the net (the test is inaccurate, or they do not quarantine properly) and one COVID-19 case of the Delta variant can go on infecting 20 people every day – day after day. This is exactly what is happening in New Zealand, as I write this in September 2021. Even though the country is shut down, Delta is highly contagious.

This card (right) from The Astrology Oracle on this website, shows the myth of Uranus. The past is cut away. The old is sheared off by the new. Uranus in Gemini will cut up old rules. Given what we are seeing with New Zealand (a real-life experiment) would you really be surprised to hear that from 2025 we will see The New Travel? Worldwide?

The Second World War and Borders

During this last Uranus in Gemini cycle from 1938-1948 we saw border changes in Europe as the war ended in 1945 and a new world order began. In 1945 Germany was divided into four zones. In 1946 Austria was divided into four zones. This idea of creating separate spaces within one nation is true to Gemini, ruled by Mercury, and with rulership over the Third House.

Neighbours are ruled by all three and when the planet of radical change went through the sign of Gemini in 1945 and 1946 Europe began to split into new neighbouring countries.

Brexit, the European Union and 2025-2033

The departure of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the E.U. is part of the reason we will see a new world order, especially in Europe, after the year 2025. Italy may be next to leave. Within the United Kingdom itself as well as Europe, we can expect new regions to be created. This will mean new rules on travel. Uranus in Gemini.

Fotolia 163685651 Subscription Monthly XXL 300x200 - Uranus in Gemini 2025-2033Uranus in Gemini and Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius Cycles

You can’t just take one cycle out of context. Uranus in Gemini is a strong statement that local travel and regional tourism will undergo a revolution between 2025 and 2033. We can guess that this is in store for us, because COVID-19 continues to spread illness and death around the world, thanks to international tourism, business travel and migration between Covid hotspots. It will mean a new map of the world, as this image from Unsplash shows. Forget the old colours and border lines. Once Uranus brings the revolution in Gemini travel and transport, you may be looking at a completely different atlas. During the last cycle, it was the post-war period which carved everything up and (in the case of Germany) walled everything up, too. We’d have to guess, this is the virus.

Guessing is not enough, though, we need the other slow-moving, rare astrological cycles to validate this theory. We have them.Uranus will transit Gemini from 2025 to 2033, spending about 7 years there, as we have seen. Uranus was last in Gemini in 1941 – 1949 during the end and aftermath of the Second World War. Back then it was the Cold War (Russia and America) which led to a new world carve-up of territory and extreme new travel conditions. 

After 2025 the lines will be redrawn on the map because of COVID-19 and possibly other epidemics.

The South Node in Virgo and North Node in Pisces in 2025-2026

Whenever we get slow-moving, rare cycles in the mutable signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo) we get plagues, because Virgo rules illness and Gemini rules local travel – and Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign travel. Pisces is the sign which rules religion and although nobody likes discussing these things for fear of controversy, the truth is, COVID-19 is airborne, spread among large crowds, and one of the worst, first outbreaks was in Roman Catholic Italy in 2020. In 2021 it was India which originated the Delta variant of COVID-19 after a period of religious festivals and mass gatherings.

That’s the astrology, but it’s also a fact of life. We’ve had mutable weather cycles with every pandemic since The Black Death and the mutable signs are also linked to the word ‘mutants’ which of course describes the COVID-19 variants. These are very old parts of the English language – and astrology is 2000 years old and counting.

Why Travel and COVID-19 Rules Change in 2025

On January 11th, 2025 the North Node enters Pisces and the South Node enters Virgo. This takes place as Uranus moves through Gemini from 2025. Instantly, we have unusual mutable sign weather again. I say ‘again’ because we had it when COVID-19 began in 2020. Neptune was in Pisces, the North Node was in Gemini and the South Node was in Sagittarius.

We will not see the end of the North Node in Pisces, South Node in Virgo cycle until July 26th 2026 and because Uranus (the shock, the revolution) is so very new in Gemini in the year 2025, we can predict that the world is going to turn upside-down again. Uranus is very much associated with the idea of a world turning upside-down, historically. In Roman mythology he was thrown in the air in an upheaval which changed all existence. He was discovered in 1781 when the United Kingdom was thrown out of America. So, Uranus has form. He is linked to shock and change.

We can link 2025 and the new borders and travel to COVID-19 because Virgo rules pandemics, public health, hospitals and the immune system and here we have the South Node in Virgo in 2025, 2026.

daily virgo 300x300 - Uranus in Gemini 2025-2033

Generation Virgo and 2025

The truth about astrology is that it’s not just the zodiac sign cycles which give you the story. You have to look at who is actually on the planet at the time, going through the cycles. Everyone born in the Sixties has Pluto and Uranus in Virgo, and so Generation Virgo, who are growing older in the mid-Twenties, will be swept up in this new Gemini-Virgo cycle.

Beyond COVID-19 we should be realists about the chance of more epidemics. This is inevitable in an overpopulated world with high-density apartment living, in cities which continue to encourage tourism and business travel. As just about every epidemiologist will tell you, it was always an accident waiting to happen.

The symbol for Virgo  tells you so much about this zodiac sign. It is very similar to Scorpio and yet, the finely drawn tail makes all the difference. Virgo rules tiny details which are hugely important. Virgo is about micro-management. The small, affecting the whole. Generation Virgo people born with Pluto and Uranus in that sign, have seen for themselves that it is the trivia which decides the story. As I write this ahead of an astrology event in Auckland in October 2021, my New Zealand readers have seen for themselves that one person flying into their airport from Sydney can bring a whole country down. Carrying one virus. That’s the reality of Virgo.

How Astrology Helps

So how does astrology help? By ringing the warning bell so that the impact is minimal. There is really no point in uttering dire predictions for the sake of it. From 2025 the world can either have a little trouble from old and new virus spread – or a lot. The difference is travel and tourism. Uranus in Gemini suggests the most radical change to holidays, vacations and business trips in several decades is coming. We would have to assume that this is partly the new European Union rules (if it even still exists) but primarily the lingering impact of COVID-19 and the possible arrival of a new epidemic. This time around, people will not stand for the same mistakes made twice, so a radical rethink of capital city airports will begin – as well as possibly road blocks.

Astrology pushes the emergency button siren. The truth is, astrology predicted a virus which would involve a new world order, and it did so way back on 28th March 2019 – and named the date – January 10th 2020. It happened. The first COVID-19 victim tragically died that day, in China.

The resulting illness and death from what came out of Wuhan, China would have been minimal, if the W.H.O. and United Nations had imposed strict border control and quarantine from January 10th 2020. They failed to do that. An epidemic in China became a pandemic for everybody by March 2020. A global disaster.

The Year 2029 and Sagittarius-Gemini Weather

Uranus in Gemini until 2033 will coincide with the South Node in Gemini and North Node in Sagittarius, from September 23rd 2029 until March 20th 2031. That is another extremely rare cycle and it is, as we’ve seen, about local travel, regional tourism, international flights and foreign countries. This would appear to be the final border redrawing for some time. We might also speculate that airlines now run flights using alternative energy (the electric plane) for example. Perhaps this is another reason why short journeys (Gemini) beat long journeys (Sagittarius). Alternative energy may impose shorter trips. Climate Emergency policy is another reason. We all know what long-haul flights to do the planet.

sagittarius 2017 nav - Uranus in Gemini 2025-2033Generation Sagittarius

Just as Generation Virgo (born with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the Sixties) is part of the fated, historic pattern that is now delivering a pandemic – we also have to look at Generation Sagittarius for the other side of the story. Generation Sagittarius people were born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Sagittarius.

These are Millennials (Pluto left Sagittarius in 2008) but also a large proportion of people born in the 1980’s. If you have not already checked your birth chart, have a look at any Sagittarius and Virgo factors now. Sagittarius factors are in your Ninth House of tourism, travel and immigration. Virgo factors are in your Sixth House of health, wellbeing and immunity.

The generations are at odds with each other as Virgo and Sagittarius are square to each other in astrology. You cannot ‘square’ the obsessive travellers (Pluto in Sagittarius Millennials) with the health obsessives (Pluto in Virgo people).

Once you add Virgo-Sagittarius-Pisces-Gemini weather (mutable sign weather) to the mix, you have a problem like a pandemic. The Sagittarius symbol (above) is the arrow which belongs to the archer, with his bow. This ancient image of Sagittarius is today associated with the arrows you see on the seat screen on an aeroplane, showing you proximity to landing.

Travel and Tourism After the Worst of COVID-19

Much as we’d love to say that two injections of Pfizer is enough to stop COVID-19 in its tracks, countries with large populations and extremely high vaccination rates prove otherwise. Israel now has more cases of the virus than ever before, yet it is one of the most fully vaccinated nations in the world, at September 2021.

Needles keep you out of hospital and stop you dying, but they do not stop transmission and illness. That is the reality that Israel and other countries show us.

This virus is a disruptor. For all that Pfizer and AstraZeneca, Moderna and the rest keep the hospitals under control, COVID-19 leaves a trail of damage wherever it goes, no matter if the issue is a collapsing healthcare system, or the problems that come with a State of Emergency, or Lockdown.

Uranus in Gemini and the War

We can learn so much from the last Uranus in Gemini cycle, during the close of the war and its aftermath. In 1945 there was a radically fresh start for the world. Historians call it Year Zero. Remember, Uranus had been in Gemini since 1938, a year before the war began.

Much of Europe and Asia lay in ruins in 1945. There were 60 million dead.

In 2021, as I write this on September 19th, almost 5 million people are dead from COVID-19.

In the last Uranus in Gemini cycle, affecting local travel, public transport, regional tourism and business trips – the majority of ports in Europe and many in Asia had been destroyed or damaged; bridges had vanished; trains had gone.

The invention of new countries – new neighbours – and so new tourism/travel – but also new ways of getting from A to B – is part of the Uranus in Gemini cycle. In the Forties the reason was war. In the Twenties the reason is probably COVID-19.

India and Pakistan

The British pulled out of India in 1947, leaving behind two new countries of India and Pakistan. This is another good example of how Uranus in Gemini cycles correspond with a carve-up of nations, bringing new tourism and travel into the world. The anniversary of this notably Gemini event (the invention of new neighbours) comes around again from 2025 to 2033 and this suggests that India and Pakistan will be reshaped again in quite a radical way.

There may be new annexing within each nation, as they go through their Uranus in Gemini Return. It is also extremely likely that if India produces another variant, apart from Delta, that even legal immigration from India to the rest of the world will be banned in selected nations. That would fit this Sagittarius-Gemini-Virgo weather we are seeing up ahead.

In Australia, individual states like Western Australia, Tasmania (where I live) and Queensland have successfully reached Zero Covid and stayed there, beating back the virus every time by strict control of travel and travellers, as well as occasional emergency measures.

Australia Day 27 May scaled 1 - Uranus in Gemini 2025-2033

Australia and Annexing

It has worked extremely well in the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory and South Australia as well, and Victoria continues to push back against high cases. Not so in New South Wales, unfortunately, which means the rest of the country has, for the most part, locked the gates against Sydney.

This is one of several astrology charts (left) for Australia. This is her 27th May incarnation, which makes her a Sun Gemini country. If we accept Australia is Gemini it’s not a bad fit. Gemini rules Neighbours, her most famous television export. It is also a country of state neighbours and territories. Australia’s most famous neighbour is New Zealand and the ANZAC agreement has dominated both wars.

What is happening here,  with the annexing of Australia, as states open and shut borders to each other – is taking place with the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius. This idea about partitioning is something that may become a reality for India and Pakistan too, from the year 2025.

The notion of annexing countries is also familiar from the previous Uranus in Gemini cycle, during the Cold War, as Europe became split into very new territories and, yes, The Berlin Wall went up.

In Australia, the constitution has made it possible for individual states, like Western Australia, to ignore what the Federal Government, or national government, demands – and run their own policies on health and particularly travel. So, as Uranus in Gemini comes closer, we have to wonder if Australia is not going to pursue an even more radical line from 2025, ending with a completely new carve-up of the country, based on state lines. You would also have to speculate that high-speed rail links are coming, along with the rise and rise of the electric car.

 Fitzroy Time Travel 225x300 - Uranus in Gemini 2025-2033New Inventions and Uranus in Gemini

Of course, Uranus is about new inventions which have not even been dreamed of yet. It is sensible to talk about electric cars like Elon Musk’s Tesla in 2021, but the reality is, Uranus is always the shock of the new. What we are going to see with public transport, interstate travel, regional trips, commuting, cars and the rest – will be so radical that it will land with a bang. Doesn’t this car parked in Melbourne (left) look old? To anyone in the 1940’s during the last Uranus in Gemini cycle, this would have looked breathtakingly futuristic!

Motorbikes are equally old-hat in 2021 but back on the last Uranus in Gemini cycle, they were an exciting new arrival in the world of transport. So, despite what the astrology is telling us, is the clear persistence of COVID-19 around the world, and perhaps the arrival of new epidemics, we should be hopeful of new, better ways to take our holidays and get from A to B. New and progressive breakthroughs in transport and travel.

The rest is up to us. The mainstream so often gets astrology wrong. It’s not pseudo-science. It does what it says on the tin. It predicts the future. The whole point of prediction, though, is to minimise harm. Viruses can either be controlled, contained and limited – or they can be left to run riot. For over 2000 years astrologers have always known the problem with Virgo (epidemics) is Sagittarius (which turns epidemics into pandemics through uncontrolled travel). That’s history.

Do You Have a Mutable Sign Chart?

The modern natal chart, including the asteroids, has 34 factors. By rights, you should have an average of 12 factors in mutable signs – Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo. If you have more than 12, you are strongly ‘mutable’ so you are a changeable person who goes through regular life shifts. You are most affected of all, by the Uranus in Gemini cycle to come, and all other cycles in the mutable signs. It has always been important to you, to keep moving – but never more so in the new cycles to come. If you don’t have your birth chart, remember you can always pick it up here – and for your family and friends, too.